Why Resolutions Need Resolve

It didn’t occur to me to make any New Year’s resolutions this year as my life seems to be moving along quite nicely. So, when my friend asked me if I’d like to have more of anything in my life, I simply said, “More of the same.”

As part of this natural progression, I find myself wanting to develop even more healthy habits, and this year I am aided by the realisation of dedication. Habits are formed by constant repetition, not by doing things every now and again. I have started so many good habits but forgotten to repeat them until completion.

So, what I have done to boost my latest attempt to eat more healthily is to set an alarm on my phone which goes off every hour from 8am – 9pm. When I hear it go off, I tune in to my body and check for signs of hunger, fatigue and irritability. Usually, I will have either a wholesome snack or one of my main meals of the day, and that helps to keep my blood sugars balanced.

The knock on effect of that is that I no longer crave sugary foods for a quick fix, and I don’t get frustrated and unfocused because my blood sugars have crashed. It’s a Win-Win situation, and because the reminders are set up on my phone (which never forgets), I’m well on my way to solidifying this healthy new habit for life.


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