Unconditional Love

The most effective healing tool I have come across so far in my life is Unconditional Love. Stress causes disease and pressure to change causes defensiveness. Unconditional Love holds a safe space in which blocks can untangle and changes can unfold.

I know that, for most of my life, my greatest desire has been to feel loved, and now that I have cultivated Unconditional Love for myself, I feel transformed and free to become the best possible version of myself.

Unconditional Love, as the name suggests, holds a loving space for you no matter what state you are in. Whether you judge yourself to be doing “good” or “bad”, Unconditional Love knows that you are doing your best.

Sometimes when I am facilitating a healing session with a person, I find that the most powerful healing occurs when I simply open my heart and hold a space for the person to exist in just as they are. In that environment, their grip on the false beliefs they have been identifying with and clinging to is loosened and it becomes easy to help their energy to flow properly once again.

Wherever and however you are right now, you are loved unconditionally, even if you haven’t cultivated that awareness within yourself yet.

… And I look forward to the day that you do. 🙂


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