The Draw of Attraction

I have recently been awakened by a mirror of mine, my good friend Sharyn Cunneen. Possessing both the joy of youth and the wisdom of experience, she helped me to get to a place of realisation and relief.

Our interactions of words and emotions, thoughts and intentions brought me to a point of finally understanding what drives my desire and my attraction for other people.

I have known for a long time that the outside (physical) world is a reflection of the internal world of our beliefs and emotions; that the qualities we recognise in others are qualities which we ourselves possess; and that how we feel about those qualities in other people relates to how much we have embraced those same qualities within our self.

Attraction is when you gravitate towards another person because the reflection they show you of yourself is so mesmerising to behold that it captures your attention for a certain amount of time. If you don’t immediately realise that what you are appreciating is a reflection of something in you yourself, you can become caught up in the act of worshipping the reflection and fall “in love” with this person – a very small fragment of this whole person, to be precise.

You will want to spend as much time as possible in the company of this “special something” and, because you still have not seen it as a reflection of yourself, that means spending more and more time with the mirror.

This desire for closeness can turn into lust when some part of your thinking mind comes to the conclusion that the closer you physically are to the person you’re attracted to, the more you can experience that “special something” for yourself; and the closest you could ever get (physically) is to actually enter (or be entered by) the other person through the act of sexual intercourse.

That’s what lust is: trying to take the essence of another for yourself through physical closeness.

Love (and love-making) is a sharing, not a taking.

You have all that you desire inside you already. Being grateful for the reflections of mirrors can help you to embrace more parts of yourself. That goes for what you find attractive and what you are repelled by too.

Share your wonderful self with the world. That’s what you are here for.


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