Worth a Look

Here are some websites that are chock full of wonder, with great content that is continuously updated. I myself will add to this list whenever I come across a new site that I feel is well worth a look. šŸ™‚

Positive Life

This is the website of the magazine I work for. It has tons of articles and interviews by/with the world’s leading authorities on Spiritual, Nutritional, Therapeutic and Sustainable Development.


TED – Ideas Worth Sharing

This is akin to a video recorded version of our magazine. It has hundreds of presentations by lots of the world’s greatest minds on some of their most interesting ideas.


Positive News

The title of this website says it all; positive news stories from around the globe. It never fails to inspire and uplift me.


Buddha Bag Meeting

This website tells you what events are on at the weekly metaphysical discussion group, run by the owner of Positive Life magazine, with the same kind of “let’s try all the good stuff” feeling to it.


The Long News

News stories that will still matter fifty, or a hundred, or ten thousand years from now.



This website hosts a collection of contemplations by the most well-known of gurus, and also a whole host of spiritual journeymen.



This is a repository of inspiring online videos coupled with small, be-the-change actions that everyone can engage in.



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