Self Worth

Perhaps my biggest life lesson so far has been the realisation of my worth.

Everyone is worthy. Not everyone believes it, but everyone is. No more or less worthy than any other being; just worthy.

You may believe your worthiness is open for debate, and you may even debate it, but it is beyond your control. You are always worthy, no matter what.

I believed that I was intrinsically unworthy and that I had to earn my worthiness through my thoughts, words and actions. I believed that people would only like me if I did nice things for them, so I became a bit of a “people pleaser”. It had its benefits; I learned how to communicate well with people, how to make them laugh, how to be interested in what they were doing and how to support them in doing it. These are traits that I now value in myself, but, at the time, they were a means to an end. The end being the receiving of appreciation from others, an affirmation of worthiness from outside of myself.

This belief that I was unworthy allowed me to home in on examples of that reality in my day-to-day experience. I attracted critics and I saw and heard criticism everywhere, even where it was not intended.

So much of the destructive behaviour which I expressed (which I personified) in my life was directly linked to feelings of unworthiness. Even when I felt good about something I’d accomplished, thoughts of superiority (which are also based in fears about self worth) found their way into my mind.

All in all, there was no stability to my self respect, but this all changed recently when, after determined steps along my path of awareness and self realisation, my belief suddenly shifted. I realised the intrinsic value of all beings; I saw it, felt it and knew it.

If you know it too, I’m so happy for you. If it hasn’t hit you yet, I’m really excited for you, because it will … inevitably.

Nowadays, I’m much more content in my life and confident in my abilities. I don’t need outside approval which means my interactions with people are much less goal oriented and much more open, honest and down to earth; or up in the clouds, if that’s how I’m feeling in that moment.

All is well with the world.


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