The Meaning of Life

Some say the meaning of life is individual to everyone.  Some say it is something to be experienced that can not be put into words.  I say that we have both a collective life purpose and individual life purposes that give meaning to our lives and to life in general, and from my own personal experiences of both, I’m going to put into words what I believe to be the meaning of life as we know it.

Years ago, I attended a Mind Body Spirit expo in the RDS in Dublin.  A synchronicity led my sister and me into a talk given by Janine Thorp about Channelled Essences and Indigo Children.  It struck a chord with me, so after the talk, I went for a session with Janine, who used her essences to realign me energetically on many different levels.  At one point, while using the True Self essence, my perception moved from its usual seat inside my head, up and out of the entire physical universe, into a void that surrounds it.  From here, I perceived every possible moment of now, laid out in front of me like a cosmic patchwork blanket.  People jumped from one moment to any other and on and on, creating the illusions of time and space.

I noticed that, from my new perspective, every choice that people in the physical realms made was totally accepted.  Experiences of pleasure were no more or less valid than experiences of pain.  Looking on from what seemed like God’s viewpoint, there was only a content awareness.

By the end of the session, this awareness and my point of perception were firmly grounded back down in my body.  I left Janine, and ended up walking along O’Connell Street with my sister and her friend.  I was happy to go anywhere and do anything, and I noticed that something else had changed.  Whereas before I could sense a difference between my energy and the energies of the people and places around me, now there was nothing but a clear, clean space which we all inhabited.  We were One, experiencing physical manifestation together.

As my life continued, the experience of this state of content awareness and perception was replaced by the usual assortment of boxes and labels, rights and wrongs, desires and preferences; but the memory remains firm – a signpost pointing the way home for all of Me, Here, Now.

This experience shifted my intellectual understanding of God, Life and Reality as I used to know it.  What I now believe is that we are all One: You, Me and God.  There’s the non-physical aspect of our God-self that knows everything, and the many incarnated aspects of our God-self that experience everything.  We, as our physical incarnations, don’t need to fully know everything, as another part of our God-self already does.  It is our life purpose to fully experience everything.  And when we do fully focus on the experience of being here now, we open a clear channel to the all-knowing and gain access to whatever information we need.

Would you like to be focused here now?  Look at the words in this sentence.  Look at the letters that make up these words.  Notice that some are open shapes and some have enclosed spaces.  Find a letter that is a purely enclosed space and focus into it.  Here is One.  Now.

Focus on your heart.

We are here so that our all-knowing God-self can experience all that it knows it can be in a never-ending series of physical incarnations and manifestations.  That is the meaning of Life as I know it.

You are one manifestation of what God can be, and you – being God incarnate – also have the ability to create limitless manifestations of all that we can be, using your focus as a catalyst for change.  Focus is the alchemy which turns energy into matter.  The mind is a magnifying glass which focuses the all-knowing into specific information and the physical body into specific action.

Being fully present in any moment makes that experience so much more interesting, so those who live every moment to the fullest will never become bored of life.

We think about things so that we can better understand our experiences in relation to one another, as if we can somehow piece them together for a bigger picture.

Enlightenment is the realisation, through conscious perception, of the Oneness of God (a.k.a. everything and nothing).  Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, it’s only when you view us together as One that the entire picture of who and what we really are can be seen.  The all-knowing and the all-experiencing co-existing in our universe of duality.  It’s like being in a lucid dream were you realise that all of the characters in the dream are aspects of you.

In order to bring this conscious perception of the Oneness of God into our physical existence, we need to clear the energetic blocks from our physical body, making it strong and supple through physical exercise and the conscious growing and eating of healthy foods.  That way we can more effectively ground the energy and raise our awareness and vibration.

Systematic Kinesiology shows that the body knows what is good for it and what is not.  The more you develop your sensitivity and awareness, the more easily you can tell what benefits you and what hinders you, even before muscle testing.

Authentic Movement is the physical body’s natural reaction to the impulses of our energetic body.  When we learn to properly communicate with our physical body, we can give it the care and attention it needs, and in return, it will be an amazing vehicle for the expression of your soul here in the physical dimensions.
However, these physical incarnations can pass away just as suddenly as they are born, so enjoy them while they last, and know that there’s more on the way.

The universal Life purpose filters down to our seemingly individual life purposes.  It is always about expansion of self, a raising of consciousness and a return to a perception of Oneness.  The reason it feels different for each of us is because each of us is a unique instrument in the divine orchestra of life.

It is your purpose and destiny to do things your way, the way that feels right and true for you.  We’re supposed to be different, yet there’s a harmony to the universe if people follow its natural cycles.  We can all live the life that feels the most fitting, like a suit you were made to wear.  Others, caught in the illusion of separation and lack, may try to control what you do with your life, but in the end it’s up to you.  There may be systems that worked really well for a lot of people at one point in our evolution, but only you know what works best for you here now.  God knows you inside and out because God is you inside and out.

If someone whose energy is in harmony with you is evolving along a very similar path to you, it is possible for you to stay in harmony indefinitely, but it is more likely that people will move in and out of harmony with your energy and hence in and out of your life.  Change is constant.

Commitment allows for a build-up of energy which makes accessing certain experiences and perceptions more easy.  This is true for relationships with others and yourself, meditation, or any spiritual or physical practice.

When interacting in relationship with another, keep in mind that we’re different expressions of the same soul.  Relationships provide you with opportunities to fulfil the purpose of your life or, at least, to move forward along the path of your life purpose.  As do all interactions.

We will all evolve.  That is the nature of life; the grand design.  You will be lifted up by more evolved souls, and as you continue to cultivate a higher vibration, you will in turn lift the spirits of those around you, bringing all of Us back to the realisation of Oneness, Here, Now.

First published in Positive Life – Autumn 2009


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