The New Humans

“In this period of time, a large jump in evolution is occurring, moving people forward in their state of consciousness. As well as more evolved souls being born, it is also possible for those of us already here to evolve rapidly too. By clearing our energy at a DNA level, and then bringing in a new DNA, we can move forward in ways that up until now we may only have dreamt of. Our bodies will be lighter, our abilities more developed and our senses more perceptive. And as more and more people have the new DNA, whole communities will evolve and thrive at a much greater level of awareness, integrity and balance.

There is a new series of essences and channelling available that can help to clear our current DNA and to bring in the new. This clearing helps us to resolve and heal patterns, tendencies and damage that have been held in our DNA and were caused by both our own and our ancestors’ lifestyles, habits and experiences. Once these imprints are cleared then the new DNA can come in, and we can have a fresh start at a higher level of consciousness.”  Janine Thorp

This could be Heaven for everyone, but like any shift, this transition will have its’ moments of upheaval and settling.  We’re going through a great spiritual detox which affects us on our physical, emotional, mental, social and energetic levels.  What’s in harmony with the natural cycles of the universe will stay, and what’s not will simply fall away.  So, if the world you live in is not based in love and respect for yourself, others and the planet we live on, it’s going to come tumbling down.

What the world needs now, besides “love, sweet love,” are social and economic systems based in Integrity (with a capital “I” relating to the individual’s choice to act in accordance with their own inner-knowing and moral compass).  We also need a deeper respect for our host planet, Mother Earth, and a more heartfelt connection with each other.  These traits are found in New Humans, who naturally live a more balanced life in harmony with the cycles of life, the universe and everything.

When I was a child, I dreamt of being a hero who would overthrow the corrupt villains who held the world in their evil clutches…in a galaxy far far away.  I felt as if I’d been born in the wrong era and as I grew up, I noticed I was quite sensitive, my intuition and empathy were strong, and I knew things about the nature of reality and the workings of the universe that nobody had told me.  I had nobody around me who could clarify if my feelings and understanding were correct, but as I started to read philosophical and spiritual literature, the authors confirmed and affirmed what I had already come to realise.

Then, at a talk given by Janine Thorp about the channelled essences she works with, I heard the term “Indigo Children” for the first time and it struck a chord deep within me.  As she explained the nature and probable life experiences of this particular type of incarnated being, a wave of relief washed over me.  I was no longer alone.  I realised I was part of a community of similar souls and part of something purposeful.  I finally understood why I was particularly sensitive to other people’s emotions and why I got so enraged at injustices such as corruption, dishonesty and double-standards.  I had ideas to make the world a better place and I finally felt supported by something big enough to achieve that change.

“Indigos come in with a stronger sense of purpose and want to change things for the better,” she recently told me.  “Their tolerance for that which is out of alignment with universal balance and law is lower than previous generations, and so they have to change things in order to make the world more compatible.”  Although the new DNA that’s coming in is a step beyond Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children; with them, Evolution definitely took a step in the right direction.

We are here to help guide mankind towards a possible heaven on earth, in a time where a conscious choice and effort must be made to ensure the continued survival of our species by embracing our divine humanity.  This is seen as a world process, as we move from Chi-no-ri (characterized by polarities, separation, hierarchies, cycles, cause and effect, and material-centered) to Ten-no-ri, a holistic and universal time, when thoughts may be realised, and karma erased.

At a recent talk given by Dr. Masaru Emoto here in Ireland, he mentioned that in general only 3% of a human’s DNA is activated.  He also told us that scientists recently discovered a water pole in the centre of our DNA and he hypothesised that the way to activate more of our DNA is to send Love and Gratitude to the water in our body.  Seeing the “water crystal” results of his research into how the physical and energetic dimensions respond to different thoughts, words, emotions and actions gives merit to his hypothesis.  However, I feel that the added influence of a focused intention to consciously activate your DNA will bring about the transformation more quickly and effectively.  This may be done as part of your meditation practice.

The shift in our DNA can happen gradually or spontaneously.  Your tolerance for artificial substances will lessen, affecting what you put into your body and surround yourself with.  Your respect for nature and natural cycles will increase, affecting your home and work life and how you take care of the planet.  Your empathy and telepathy will increase, affecting your relationships and how you communicate with others.  Your connection with your own higher self and other finer consciousnesses will become more clear, affecting your understanding of reality and the universe, and this can all happen within our lifetime.

This future is available for everyone.  We can all reach our full potential.  It will happen for you when it happens for you and for others when they are ready, and it doesn’t matter if you are one of the first or one of the last as long as it happens. The more you’re true to yourself, the more your soul can incarnate and the more your vibration can raise and the more you can live your full potential.  “It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.” Alan Cohen

You’re probably familiar with the term Tipping Point, which explains how the energy of the many affects the energy of the few, or how the more stable energy affects the less stable energy.  With that in mind, it makes sense to say that spending time with a group of New DNA Seekers will make it more easy for you yourself to shift your energy and make the evolutionary leap.  Looking back over time, Neil Howe and William Strauss noticed how humans seem to repeat a generational cycle of four seasons every 80 or so years.  The main characteristic of this present season is a generation of humans with a real need for a sense of community and connection, of banding together for the benefit of all involved.  This is easy to see with the huge increase in mobile phones and online communities such as Facebook, as well as the various spiritual groups springing up all around the country such as the Buddhabag meeting.

It is no coincidence that humanity is making an evolutionary leap at this time in our history, during this time of galactic realignment, of new scientific understandings, of community, upheaval and hope.  It is who we are.  We’re survivors.  And if we listen to our own inner-knowing, our true self will guide the way to our new hearts, our new minds and our new DNA.

First published in Positive Life – Summer 2009


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