Unchanging Witness 

I’m here as the unchanging witness when I’m dreaming and I lose myself in the dream.
I’m here as the unchanging witness when I watch a movie or read a book and I lose myself in the story.
I’m here as the unchanging witness when I’m daydreaming and I lose myself in imagination.
I’m here as the unchanging witness when I worry and I lose myself in the stressful thoughts.
I’m here as the unchanging witness when I’m acting onstage and I lose myself in the character.
I’m here as the unchanging witness when I’m acting physically and I lose myself in the effort.
I’m here as the unchanging witness when I’m dancing and I lose myself in the movement.
I’m here as the unchanging witness when I’m making love and I lose myself in the communion.
I’m here as the unchanging witness when I take drugs and I lose myself in the experience.
I’m here as the unchanging witness when I meditate and I see I cannot be seen.

Self-Esteem and Comparison

Seems like self esteem needs you to compare either yourself to others or yourself now to yourself in past similar situations. If you stop comparing this moment to other moments, you free yourself from the insatiable addiction for praise and the crippling fear of criticism. You enjoy what is. Isn’t that what we put so much effort into attaining? We’re working hard to try to satiate an insatiable mind. Bypass the mind and get straight to the enjoyment of Life. 

The Lives of Others

02-binge-watching-too-much-tv-slLately, I’ve been noticing how interested I am in knowing what other people are experiencing, thinking, feeling and doing. Living vicariously through the online sharing of others and wanting to knock on closed doors simply to find out if that place is better than the place I currently am.

And in the noticing of this, I’ve started to come back to my own personal experience in the space and time that is manifested in front of my senses, around my body.

And in doing that, I’ve noticed a reduction in stress and feelings of unfulfilment, and a deepening of calm, peace, gratitude and contentment; and more of a proactive interest in what can be done in my current physical environment and my possible future personal life.

Now, it seems to me that focusing on my own life instead of focusing on the lives of others is a more surefire way to live a life full of entertaining first-hand experiences, instead of relying on our thrills from the many fictions broadcast daily on the nearly-omnipresent screens in our lives. So, I’m gonna experiment with cutting out other people’s stories (films, tv, computer games, facebook, instagram, etc.) to see how it improves the quality of my own life.

Seeking Approval

Why seek opinion or approval?

If you become dependent on others’ opinions and approval, you may lose touch with your own inner compass, your intuition, your inspiration, your enthusiasm, your love. 

Another’s opinion is based on their experience, not yours. Their lives might be a mess. They may have hidden agendas. They may not have your best interest at heart. And even if they do, they don’t know what’s best for you. They don’t know what your unique life path has in store. 

And as for approval… You are born worthy. Your birth is Life’s approval of you existing in the world, and you never become any less worthy in the eyes of Life. Personal approval is a judgement based on limited information and temporary thoughts and feelings. Don’t base your sense of self or worthiness on the incomplete assessment of another. 

The best way to navigate life is to tune in to your Being in the moment. You will be moved. All is well. ❤️️

This is just an opinion. 😁

Afraid to say how you really feel

I have trouble expressing my needs clearly in romantic relationships (and sometimes even my feelings and opinions) because one my needs is to have a romantic relationship and I feel afraid of losing it if I express things that are not in line with my partners wishes. I don’t speak clearly. I talk around the real issue, hoping my unspoken feelings and needs will be heard and met. It tends to cause a weird uneasiness in the relationship that eventually bursts out into an argument about something that’s not even the real issue. It’s a shit way to live. In fear. I wish I had the courage or the self-love to simply and clearly express my truth. 

Playing Dead / Staying Alive


A great way to find out how stressed you are is to imagine you are dead. 🙂 All of the attachments, obligations, hopes and fears melt away because you are no longer in the world to keep hold of them.

If you find you are breathing easier, do it often, and remind yourself of what won’t matter when you’re dead.

Inspired by my friend Manini https://maninilinuza.wordpress.com

It’s all about what you think is going to happen

Looking at a person you’re attracted to when they’re not looking at you, what you think will happen if they see you looking at them determines your reaction when they do look at you looking at them.

Your reaction might be to look away if you think they will:

  • scowl at you.
  • give out to you.
  • realise you find them attractive (when you don’t want that).
  • approach you (if you’re shy).

Your reaction might be to smile at them if you:

  • are not shy.
  • think they will find you attractive also.
  • were hoping for a chance to engage with them.
  • are already friends with them.

Looking away can be a sign that you feel unworthy of their attention or affection. Smiling at them may be a sign that you have good self-esteem.

There are always exceptions to rules, and you can’t tell what a person’s reaction to you looking at them admiringly will be, although you keep making educated (sometimes foolish) guesses, but how will you know if you’re right if you keep looking away?

It’s just a question, although I can see how it might read as a challenge. Feel out each situation on a moment by moment basis. Don’t rely on your preconceived notions of what’s going on or going to happen.

A belly full of food


I just had a thought: surely the amount of food on your plate should not be bigger than the size of your belly!

Think of a washing machine. If you overload it, the clothes won’t get washed as well as a half-full or even a 3/4 full load. Same with your stomach; if it’s too full, it will be more of a challenge for your stomach acids to break down the food properly, leading to poor absorption of nutrients in the intestines.

It reminds me of the idea that you should stop eating when you feel 80% full, because it indicates that your stomach is actually 100% full.

I know it’s tasty, but stop eating when you’re full. 😉

Human Animal


Being hungry for sex is as natural as being hungry for food, as is being hungry for movement, sunshine and fresh air in nature. And all have been around since at least the beginning of life on Earth. It’s only the mind that makes a big deal out of any of them.

“Human” is just a term for an educated animal with the capacity to self-reflect. Connect in with your hind brain and how it relates to your spine and your primal urges.


You are Awareness

You are aware of these words. You are also aware that you are aware of these words. You are aware of being aware.

Take a moment to confirm that in your own experience, then notice that, like the knife that cannot cut itself no matter how sharp it becomes, you cannot see the source of your seeing no matter how closely you look.

You are not an object that can be seen. You are the seer. You are formless, unchanging, timeless awareness.

That is why so many people feel the same inside when they are 81 as when they were 18. Being formless, you have no qualities that can change over time. Only the body is subject to time. And the mind comes and goes as another subject of your awareness. All arises and falls in your awareness, in you. 🙂 ❤

I Have Enough

The greatest gift I took from many years as an actor is the ability to believe in imaginary circumstances, or at least to entertain the notion that I am experiencing a particular state or set of experiences. So, when I read a quote from Eckhart Tolle about how the mind exists in a state of “not enough” and so is always greedy for more, I took it upon myself to experiment with the belief that “I have enough.”

What happened is that I immediately entered a state of peace and calm and fulfillment. The need for more and the fear of not having enough fell away, and whenever my focus fell upon a new area of my life (e.g. relationships, physical energy, food, etc.), this feeling of “I have enough” infused and diffused these ingrained desires and fears, and left me feeling like I had more to offer other people. It’s a lovely way to be.

And for the mind that might say, “Contentment leads to inaction and inaction leads to the collapse of civilization,” I will remind you that a peaceful mind is more receptive to inspiration; and the belief “I have enough” is more likely to lead to the completion of inspired actions, while the belief “I don’t have enough” stifles any attempt to do anything.

Why not try it for yourself? Take a moment, take a breath, and tell yourself “I have enough.” It doesn’t have to be forever, but by doing it fully for even one moment, it may change your life forever.







Seeing the Love that’s there

It’s funny how things can change in an instant, or rather how your perception of things can change in an instant.

Heading to bed last night, I said goodnight to my Mam and Dad, who were chilling out in the sitting room. They replied in their usual way, but it was the first time I’d ever noticed how much unquestionable love was behind those words that I had heard thousands of times before, and it struck me in a way that I had never realised before: “They love me” with proper big heartfelt love. 🙂

Such a nice feeling to finally see clearly.


Quiet the mind by listening to the space within you. Notice what spontaneously arises from that unmanifest space. Allow whatever it is to express through your body in whatever way it naturally chooses to express (words, movements, silence, stillness). Trust that what expresses is in perfect harmony with the natural flow of life. Honour its expression and don’t worry about how you might be judged as a person by other people. Be the grateful spacious awareness that you really are.

Good Deed for the Day


On my way to work just now, I found this little fella that had fallen out of his nest. I couldn’t just leave him there defenseless, so I gave him a knife. Then, when I realised the knife was much too big for him to hold in his still developing wings, I ran home and got a ladder. Once I had the ladder set up, I encouraged him to climb home, but alas, his legs were too small and weak to climb the human-sized ladder, so I picked him up in my left hand and climbed up the ladder and then the branches and placed him safely back in the nest. Hopefully one day he’ll fly over to me and whistle a happy little Thank You. ☺

And hopefully my boss will accept this as a valid reason for being late for work. 😐

People not Objects

Look at people and tune in to how they seem to be feeling right now, and you’ll get a better understanding of how to interact with them, and when not to interact with them, when to respect their need for space.

People are more than what you want from them. Treat them as you would like to be treated if you were feeling the way they seem to be feeling, and not like an object you’d like to possess or a problem you’d like to run away from.

Can you relate to this advice? Would you add anything to it?

Tips for Boosting Energy Levels


* Magnesium
* B vitamins
* Light exercise (walking / dancing / yoga)
* Light meals (salads / soups)
* Fresh air
* Plenty of unflouridated water
* Acceptance / Non-resistance
* Reduced stress
* Tai Chi / Chi Kung
* Attitude of gratitude
* Inspiration / Excitement
* Enough sleep every night (8 hours)

Would you add anything to the list?

Accepting Vs. Taking / Offering Vs. Forcing Upon


Accepting a sharing from someone, or trying to take from them?

Paying close attention and being completely honest in your assessment, notice the difference between accepting someone’s sharing and trying to take from them. It can be easier to recognise when it is someone else trying to take something from you that you weren’t offering to them. However, if you are observant enough and honest enough, you may notice yourself trying to take what has not been offered: be it a person’s time and attention, affection, home, food, weed, alcohol, influence, etc.

Likewise, notice the difference between offering something and forcing something upon. Again, it can be easier to recognise when you’re the one being forced upon, but this kind of manipulation can be quite subtle, so practice listening to your gut feeling, your intuition.

Also, notice your own habits of manipulation or allowing yourself to be taken advantage of. Then, learn to love and respect yourself and others enough to not take part in such interactions, on either side.

Embrace your response-ability. Love, honour and respect. Ask directly. Answer directly. Express yourself. 


Having your needs met


What may seem like a need for sex may actually be a need for affirmation, intimacy, connection, love, creative expression, feeling useful, etc. And each of those needs can be met in other ways, such as hugging, dancing, painting, helping others, etc.

Look closely at what needs are really asking to be met, and then look at all the ways they can be met, rather than limiting or attaching yourself to one remedy or one person.

We sometimes become obsessed with a desire for one person who doesn’t requite our feelings. The ego wants to want more than it wants to have, but that kind of fixation is insane. Look around you. Be grateful for what you have, and make the most of what is available to you.

It may be a genuine need for sexual activity which can also be honoured, but I find it good to know the difference and to have more than one avenue for sexual expression. Have you ever tried dancing your sexuality? It’s so good!

“The Show Must Go On” Mentality



You’ve probably seen the clip by now because it’s all over the internet – Madonna’s wardrobe malfunction at the BRITs 2015 which caused her to be pulled, rather unceremoniously, onto the floor during her performance. She got up a few seconds later and continued as if nothing unplanned had happened, but rather than feeling the pride I might have felt in my days as an actor, I felt disappointed that she hadn’t embraced her vulnerability.

This “keeping up appearances” mentality has pervaded the world stage, including politics and business. And I believe it can be traced back to the days of hunting and gathering when food was scarce and you had to earn your place amongst the tribe. Weakness may have made you less valuable to a mate and to the community, which may have led to you being shunned and ultimately dying alone with no one to continue your lineage.

In today’s society, this primal fear could be at the root of our fear of being unattractive, being weak, being poor, being alone, useless, unworthy. The fear of being vulnerable encourages a façade of control, of power, of confidence. Madonna’s fall is mirrored in the everyday world when someone trips and falls on the street and immediately gets up and walks on before even checking to see if they’re hurt.

This conditioning is so prevalent in society that not long ago, when an older woman, who was walking towards me with her friend, tripped and fell in front of me on a busy city centre street. My initial reaction was to pull her to her feet (and I could tell she wasn’t ready to get to her feet). There was a compulsion that was stronger than my actual perception and intuition of the moment.

And even that gesture from me expressed more vulnerability than at other times in my life when I’ve been too afraid to help, too afraid to break the façade of my being a part of the strong society of people who walk without falling (or something like that). It’s not always clear enough to be put into words, but it’s definitely felt.

Thankfully, my own sense of worthiness has improved to the point where I can be much more present and authentic in the moment, and I’m able to observe the old conditioning arising and instead choose something else.

I do see a move towards authenticity gaining momentum. In celebrities like Jennifer Lawerence laughing when she falls at an awards ceremony, or my friend, poet Venus CuMara, telling me about how she refused to get up off the ground after she’d been knocked off her bike, even at the insistence of onlookers. She knew she needed time to allow her system to deal with the shock and the impact, and she took it. Power in vulnerability.

There’s actually a great TED Talk about the power of vulnerability here: http://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability

One of the main points is that a person’s willingness to be vulnerable is one of their greatest strengths, and the thing most likely to attract love and joy into their life. 🙂

Are you keeping up appearances or keeping it real?







Shining a Light Home


Maybe letting your light shine means letting there be no difference between you and them and your environment. Between your space and their space.

Allow the boundaries of your awareness/energy to expand outwards and inwards dissolving and merging with the energy of others until there is no longer any distinction or separation.



Maybe the feeling of separation is simply thought.


Don’t Chase The Future

 In The FlowLife is a journey, not a destination. Where you are now is as valuable as where you hope to be when you have “achieved this” or “become that”. Think of travelling in a foreign country. How your awareness is focused so much more on what is present in your environment. All the newness. All the excitement. All the adventure. Well, all of life is like this. It’s just that sometimes we think we’ve seen this moment before. There is so much that is the same that we miss what is different. We miss the magic in the moment.

Also, when we are so focused on getting out of “here” and arriving “there”, we forget the fact that we can only move towards “there” by going through more moments of “here”. In fact, it’s not that you ever actually reach “there”, it’s just that your “here” becomes more like the “there” you imagined – but you are only ever “here”. So “here” is actually your destination – “here” reshaped. When you grasp this, you can see that the journey and the destination are one – the journey is the destination. So enjoy every moment of being here, knowing that it is an integral part of your entire journey.

It’s okay to have dreams and goals and desires, and it’s okay to take steps towards these goals, just don’t miss the magic in the moment thinking that if you push forward enough you’ll one day leave where you are and arrive where you’ve imagined yourself being. Changes will come – they’ll come to you. This moment of now will transform and keep on transforming like a river flowing through you and around you. Let your intuition guide your interaction with this moment, to help you to be in the flow that your heart’s desires are making their way towards you along.

You don’t have to leave now for the future to arrive. It will arrive regardless. So enjoy what is while it is because when it’s gone it’s gone, and you can’t turn back the river of time.

How To Succeed with New Year’s Resolutions


* Breaking an old habit is best done by making a new habit. Making a new habit takes a consistency of effort. Effort takes effort, so decide upon something you are sure you can do every single day for a whole month even when you don’t want to, e.g. doing 10 sun salutations.

* The general rule is that it takes 30 days in a row of repetition to create a habit, which is why consistency is so important. Let even 1 day go by without strengthening the new habit through practice and you corrupt the new pathways in your brain, taking you right back to day 1 of 30.

* If you want to give up something, give yourself a goal of giving it up for one month, and then take it one decision at a time. When the opportunity/urge shows up, simply make a different choice, one moment at a time.

* If there are many changes you would like to make, make one at the start of each month, dedicating every day of that month to consistently strengthening this one new habit. This is much more likely to lead to success than trying to do too much at once, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed and a collapsing of all effort.

* One new habit at a time, one month at a time, one day at a time, one opportunity at a time.

* I wish you commitment and easy success. If you fall off the horse or the wagon, get right back on and start again. 🙂




I’m sure you’re aware of the old adage “What you see in others is a reflection of yourself.”

Well, lately I’ve been seeing a lack of trust in many people across a wide spectrum of experiences. Worrying about whether or not you’re going to have enough money because you don’t trust that the abundant universe will provide what you need when you need it. Trying to figure out how to make someone like you because you don’t trust that there are people who like your authentic self. Trying to force a person to take on board what you think is best for them because you don’t trust that they are on the perfect path for their unique soul. Trying to control the flow of an improvised performance because you don’t trust it to evolve naturally and effortlessly. Then there’s the more large scale distrust in society, believing that life is not safe and others are out to get you.

I don’t always acknowledge that the things I see in others are a reflection of my own character. Sometimes it’s because I don’t feel comfortable believing I’m as beautiful and amazing as some of the people I feel blessed to have met. Sometimes it’s because I don’t think I also carry the character flaws I judge in others.

This trust thing kicked in to my conscious awareness on my way home tonight, and I can honestly say that everything I described above is something I’ve embodied on plenty of occasions in my life. And now is a time when Trust is definitely something I feel I could benefit with more of. Trusting that I’m on the perfect path for my unique soul. That life is evolving naturally and effortlessly. That there are people who love my authentic self. And that the universe is providing what I need when I need it.

This lack of trust and desire to control life can be dissolved in presence, in focusing your attention on the present moment, on your breath, for example, or the unchanging awareness at the foundation of your being, instead of allowing yourself to be swept away by thoughts and stories about things. If you can’t bring yourself to actively trust, at least you can give yourself a break from worrying.

Lots of Love and Trust.


Witness without Intention


Witnessing without intention is the most natural state of being. Witnessing without intention means that you do not try to control the focus of your attention or the object/experience your attention is focused on beyond what is naturally occurring. Life is allowed to happen spontaneously through the workings of the body and mind without trying to hold on to, push away, or in any other way control the flow of what is happening.

It seems to be a good way to reconnect with your True Nature (True Self). ❤


A physical mechanism for enlightenment

The Accidental Yogi

Enlightenment, Awakening, Nirvana, Satori, Samadhi, the list goes on. All these words are synonymous and refer to an event that takes place in an individual’s consciousness, an event of such magnitude that it permanently changes that person’s perception and understanding of reality. It’s the moment where the unreal falls away to reveal a direct perception of REALITY.

For some this awakening comes in an instant, without warning, while for others it happens over the course of a lifetime of meditation and arduous yogic practices. While, to the outsider, this can seem like some mysterious esoteric fantasy designed as an elaborate form of escapism, it is, in fact, a scientifically validated process that yields measurable results.

On a physical, brain, level to understand what goes on in the head of someone going through the process of awakening take a look at the video I posted above. It’s an hour and a half long lecture that’s worth watching for the insight it offers 🙂

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Simple Truth of Life


Life is like a cloud in an infinite, clear sky. And within that cloud, space and time play out their illusions of form and change, separation and relationship, growth and decay. And mind plays out its game of identification and attachment, contemplation and judgement, desire and fear and love.

You are the infinite, clear sky – formless awareness – enjoying the theatre of life.



Meditation is Easy – 5 Steps to Freedom

Meditation is Easy

  1. Sit still enough to notice the sensations in the body.
  2. Notice the breath moving effortlessly in and out.
  3. Notice the thoughts that pass through your awareness.
  4. Notice that you are perceiving all of these things.
  5. Notice that, in order to perceive all of these things, you must be something else.

That’s it. That’s all you need to reach enlightenment.


You Need Drama to Overcome It


People like the experience of overcoming adversity, but for that to happen they must first entertain adversity.

Do you attract drama because it’s a key ingredient of an experience you like having, or at least identify with?

As our sense of self develops, the experiences we have at that time of life shape how we see ourselves in the world; and this idea of your self is rarely challenged.

If you are now questioning your idea of your self, the real you can be found beyond ideas, in being.


WHO has been hurt?

Who has been rejected? Who has been abandoned?

Experiences that have stories attached to an identity you have fashioned from other experiences are at risk of being disappointing.

When you let go of attachment to ideas about who you are, you will recognise who you really are, and the stories you’ve been suffering from will fall away, leaving only the peace of truth.

When you let go of the need to validate an identity from some outside source, you will allow things to be as they are and change as they will.

Not needing things to be a certain way, you can enjoy what is.

Who are you, really?


Transcending Relationship Troubles


Relationship troubles are just a drama that you project, a story that you project onto experiences, interactions. You’ve built up identities around relationships, built up relationships around common experiences. People interact, they communicate a desire to see each other more, to spend time together more, to share themselves sexually and emotionally and mentally and physically in a non-sexual way, to share experiences. They make a contract with each other, a contract to fulfil these things, this task list of experiences, of orchestrating these experiences, of controlling the flow of life in order to adhere to the contract; which seems like fulfilling the relationship goals of spending time together, supporting each other, having a sexual relationship, spending time apart to a certain degree (from co-dependency to long-distance relationships), but it’s just ideas about who you are, identification and then role-playing and trying to control life.

Imagine not identifying with any idea of who you are, and so not role-playing, not trying to control the flow of life. How would that be?

Practising Presence

Ramana Maharshi

When my attention is caught up in the whirlwind of the mind, I find these tools help me to come back to Presence:

  • Remove TIME from the experience. Realise that Past and Future are ideas you carry around in your head, and disconnect from them for a moment. Simply observe the sensory input of the moment you are experiencing without attaching Time or Stories to it. See what is, simply as it is now in this moment. This will also remove any sense of urgency or impatience.
  • Discover the answer to the question: “What takes no effort?” Being your True Self takes no effort. Trying to be someone else takes effort, even if it is something you’ve been “doing” for years. There is a flow to Life, and presence helps you to go with the flow; and discovering the most effortless action in each moment helps you to go with the flow also. Now, it is important to note that the most effortless action isn’t necessarily the most comfortable action. Your flow may take you into unfamiliar territory which is uncomfortable for the ego who likes things to stay the same. Also worth noting is that sometimes the flow leads you to stillness and no-action. Trust it. Inner space helps you to feel the guidance of your intuition and the flow of life or your resistance to it.
  • Refrain from Judgement. Something happens and you judge it to be a help or a hindrance to your goal of a happy life. Judgement leads to blame, guilt, fear, excitement, pride, criticism, frustration, anger, etc. This judgement is based on thoughts you trust about what is best for you, which leads to more thoughts and fantasies about your situation; but thoughts are not Truth. Thoughts can change. Truth simply is.
  • Don’t identify with thoughts, feelings and sensations. If something is observable, it cannot be You. Any thoughts you have about yourself can be observed, so they are not who You really are. The same is true for feelings and sensations and anything perceivable. Yet, you still are; so who are You? The answer will arise spontaneously as you observe without identification.
  • Non-attachment. Following on from the last two points, people become attached to objects (including people they have objectified) because they believe they will help them achieve their goal of a happy life and/or because they help to strengthen their Identity through association (designer clothes, abusive partner, etc.). Let go of the baggage of your attachments. Be fresh and free, not attached to stale ideas about yourself and others. This will help others to be new too.




The Beautiful Origin of Jealousy

It seems to me that jealousy begins its life as admiration, and it’s only when the idea of competition for limited resources ignites the fear of losing out (and ultimately dying) that it transforms into jealousy.

If people knew the truth about who they really are, they would see how silly the idea of competition is, but the illusions of the mind can be very convincing, and a lifetime of self-hypnosis can take some time to unravel.

It can also disappear in a moment: the present moment – a moment of presence.

Emotions arise as a response to either your present moment experience or a thought. Thoughts are not real. Look at the perceivable facts of the present moment without painting them with speculation. Look without thoughts. Look without knowledge. How simple life is. How fulfilling the present moment is. How perfect you are right now.

Life moves, and you (being one with Life) move and flow and change and feel and experience and express, and anything can happen in the constantly changing temporary world of experience. This moment will never be again. Don’t waste it by trying to figure it out with the mind. The most fulfilment can be found by simply Being.



p.s. Intuition will guide your actions, if you are still enough and silent enough to perceive it.


awareness in a body

I’m just awareness in a body.

Thoughts that are identified with become beliefs, creating a dense layer of energy which acts as a filter to the flow of the energy of life*, colouring the taste of the experiences I’m aware of from this vantage point.**

*What Eckhart Tolle calls the Pain Body, and others call the Ego.

**These are all just metaphors for something which cannot be described with the language of the transient.



What is there to say?


What is worth talking about?


Nothing is what is most worth talking about.

Nothing is what is.

Nothing is.

Everything else is everything else.

Matter doesn’t matter.

Thoughts are not worth thinking about.

Come back to your self.

Come back before your self.

Simply be.

Don’t label.

Don’t judge.

Don’t attach.

Don’t identify.

Simply be.

Let life flow.

Let it be.

Let it be enough.

Let love rule.

Let go.


I Want Happiness!


The first time I saw this comic, I didn’t want to get it. I didn’t want to get rid of my “I” and I didn’t want to get rid of my desire, even with the promise of happiness. They felt like such big parts of my identity, and I didn’t understand how I could be happy if I wasn’t “Me”.

Here’s what I have since learned:

First, remove “I”. That’s ego.

So much of human suffering comes from identifying with an idea of who you are, who you were, who you could be and who you should be. This is based on both your own conditioned beliefs about yourself and others’ opinions of you. That’s the “I” most people speak of when referring to themselves – that “I”dea.

The real you is not an idea, and when you stop identifying with the transient, conceptual self, you get to know your true self in all its blissful presence.

Then, remove “want”. That’s desire.

The other main factor connected with human suffering is a resistance to what is, and a desire for something other than what is to be. Wishing the past had been different and the future will be a certain way takes your attention away from the perfection of the present moment.

When you release the desire for things to be different, along with the mind’s resistance to the present moment, you discover the total fulfilment your true self feels here, now, and always.

Then, all you are left with is Happiness.

This is true. Everything is perfect. There are no problems. There is no suffering, identification or attachment. In fact, there is no self. All there is is an appreciative awareness of the moment. All there is is what is, and it is so completely fulfilling that there is no desire for anything else.

This does not mean that you will sit around doing nothing, necessarily. Simply that your actions will stem more from LOVE and inspiration than from fear and obligation.

The mind will keep trying to get you to identify with thoughts and feelings, desires and stories of how you and life are not already perfect. And your character will continue its habitual, conditioned thinking and behaviour regardless of whether or not you identify with it. That’s okay. Let it. When you don’t identify with it, you don’t give away your power to it and it fades into the background, leaving only Happiness.

That’s what most people are searching for, and what most people don’t realise they already are. 🙂

Here are two videos to help you with this:

Are you lying to yourself about Love?

In general, when you think of a loved one, do you think of them in terms of what they provide you with: affirmation, security, companionship, intimacy, etc.?

Or do you generally feel an abundance of appreciation and an interest in supporting them, with no desire for anything in return?

True Love is radiant. It shines out from the deepest part of you and isn’t dependant on the actions of another.

Egoic love is needy, greedy and possessive. It’s more concerned with what it can get from people than what it can give them. It believes your happiness depends on some outside source, and it wants to maintain that at all costs.

Are you fooling yourself into believing you truly love someone, when in fact you’re just using them?

Only True Love is stable, and it comes from your True Self. Connect in with the most stable part of yourself in the still awareness of your being and you will enjoy a love like no other. A love that will never leave.

Coming Home

About a year ago, at the age of 34, I made the decision to move back in to my parents’ house for a while. During the year preceding this, my life had fallen apart. It began with the the end of my 3-year marriage and the beginning of a new relationship a week later. In that separation, I not only lost a wife, but a second family I had grown to love. I was devastated when they stopped replying to my messages, even though the split with my wife had been amicable. A few months after that, at Christmas time, my sister Gina died suddenly. My family was devastated, and my first instinct was to stay in the spare room in my parents’ house and do whatever I could to help them through this huge blow for however long was needed. That initial stay only lasted a week or two, and left me completely shattered because I didn’t care about myself enough while trying to look after everyone else. Thankfully, my family and girlfriend talked me into taking some time for myself, and that helped me to find some balance again. Half a year later, within the space of a week, my job as a Magazine Editor, my relationship with my girlfriend, and the lease on my apartment all came to an end. I signed on the dole, and made the decision to move back into the spare room in my parents’ house while I got my life sorted; a decision which meant I had to also say goodbye to my cat, Luna, who went to live with my ex-wife. I had rescued Luna from our front garden when she was abandoned as a kitten, and loved her even more during the times when I was feeling abandoned; so it was heart-wrenching to say goodbye to her, but it wasn’t an option to bring her with me.

I made the decision to move back in with my parents, in part, as I thought it a good idea to give my Mam someone to Mother, to try and, in some way, balance out the devastation of losing a child. Does that make sense? All the children had moved out of the house at that stage, so it was only my Mam and Dad and the huge gap left by the loss of my sister. Being there, I could also keep an eye on them and my other family members who lived close by and came to visit. It also gave me a safe space to fall to pieces, to completely collapse and just rest after everything that had happened. There were days when I would just lie on my bed staring out at the clouds passing in the sky for hours, or break down crying quietly in my room, full with feelings of loss and failure. My world had been turned upside down.

A year later…

“If you think you’re so enlightened, go spend a week with your parents.” ~ Ram Dass

This last year of living back at home has been both a blessing and a challenge. I seem to have grown up a second time, after having gone through a second childhood and adolescence. Only this time, I did it with much more awareness and mindfulness than I had the first time around. My habitual reactions were triggered often, so I was eventually able to see through them and let go of them.

I see now how my personality was very influenced by my parents’ personalities, in both good and bad ways. I remember reading, in a book called “The Purpose of Your Life,” how all children have a combination of their parents character traits, and that the purpose of your life has to do with making the most of the best of those traits. Caring and creative are two of the main qualities I’ve been handed down from my parents, which I love having and expressing. There are also plenty of challenging traits, such as not finishing projects I start and unintentionally creating a mess.

Not being able to invite friends or “friends” back to the house has also been a challenge and a blessing. It made me feel like I wasn’t really free to start any new romantic or sexual relationships because I didn’t have my own place. This was quite frustrating at times, but intuitively, it felt more right to stay where I was, and I’m really glad I did. Apart from seeing my best friends (who lived across the city) occasionally, I spent a lot of time alone. This alone time, while crushingly lonely at times, gave me the opportunity to look at the source of happiness and love in my life, and to develop my self-love in a way I never had before. Thanks in big part to Mooji, I learned to connect in with my deepest self and my inner, endless source of love, and when I did that, I found comfort amidst the storm of life.

I am the eye of the storm, the deep, calm ocean, the space between, the pure awareness. My coming home has been a coming home to my true self. I am beyond success and failure, worthiness, achievement, status, right and wrong, good and bad, need. I still dance in the theatre of life and forget myself at times, but it matters so much less than it used to. I feel lighter, more spacious, and less vulnerable. I’m more often happy, even though other strong emotions pour through me. I still rage sometimes at the silliest provocations, but I allow it. There’s more flow and less resistance in my life now, more gratitude and less need, more love and less fear – on this human level (I’ll explain this further soon).

So, yes, I came home, and then I found my way home to my true self, and I’ll take that with me even when I move out.

Trust the flow of life, but don’t worry too much about it. It can help you to remember yourself. 🙂








Time well spent


I’ve had enough life experience by now to see see how quickly the years seem to fly by, and to see how things I thought I needed to dedicate years to achieving would have been achieved by now.

I was so afraid of wasting my time that I wasted my time. My precious present moments were ultimately unproductive. Watching TV or browsing time wasting sites on the internet were my go-to pastimes.

If I had just committed even one day a week to learning a new language, I’d be fluent by now. If I had done yoga or body building regularly, my body would be in much better shape now. If I had learned to cook one new recipe a week, I’d be a masterchef by now. I could have learned how to play a musical instrument, or anything.

Whatever you’d like to achieve, begin it. Even baby steps in the right direction are steps in the right direction, and before you know it, you’ll be reaping the rewards of time well spent. I know because over the last year, my Photography skills have greatly improved through interest, practice and dedication.

Over the next year, I’d like to learn a second language, learn and practice yoga, learn to compose and play music on piano, and try out loads of new healthy, tasty recipes. 🙂

What will you do?

Sizing myself up

I no longer feel the need to take up more or less space then I naturally do – to either inflate my ego or shrink into a ball. I am how I am. This is how I was made, and I fit in the world just fine.

(I imagine that those desires to take up more or less space could be catalysts for weight loss and weight gain, but my physical changes were more to do with posture. My weight hasn’t fluctuated more than a few lbs in the last 20 years, for some reason. Before that, I was a child.)

It’s a nice feeling, finding my shape again.

Even though I love myself…

ImageEven though I love myself, sometimes I feel depressed for no apparent reason, like I do now as I write these words. Sometimes other feelings fill up and pour out of me with no prior warning. I feel angry, lost, horny, excited. There’s still love deep in my centre – a love that’s unaffected by the changing tides of emotion on the surface of my experience – and I know that it’s okay to feel these things. They come and go, and now that I’m more aware of the constant peace and love at my core, they matter less and less. ❤

The Key to Happiness in Life


Intention creates tension in the flow of life’s energy.

You can learn to read the flow, and go with the flow, or you can attach yourself to an idea or intention, resist the flow and get bashed by the current. Either way, life keeps moving and changing, and the only thing that stays the same is who you really are.

No permanent happiness can be found in the impermanent world, but you can thoroughly enjoy the show from the best seat in the house: the birthplace of your awareness.

How would you date yourself?


My friend, who is also single, told me of a question she asked herself the other day: What if I was my own lover?

My immediate thought was to explain the concept of masturbation to her, but her next question clarified what she meant: How would you treat yourself if you were going out with someone, but that someone was you?

In her own case she said she’d cook nicer dinners, buy herself presents that she wouldn’t normally have indulged in, give herself things she’d been wanting to have for ages, etc. It sounded great, and made me want to try it out.

(She’s also retraining her inner voice to be more supportive. Brilliant!) 🙂

That’s what I’ll be doing for the next few weeks, but I thought it was such an important idea for single people to know, that I wanted to share it right away.

You deserve a partner as loving as you can be. Treat yourself as you deserve to be treated, with love and appreciation expressed through heartfelt gestures and supportive comments.

Self-appreciation and is an important aspect of self-love. I believe it would do us all good to practice it.


If I could grow up again…


Ask yourself: “If I could grow up again, how would I raise myself?”

After moving back into my parents’ home, where I once again became a child, I have a chance to raise myself anew, to grow up into the man I have wished I was.

Our habits create our character. You can change your habits, or you can let your habits be dictated by your environment as they have done for most of the people on the planet all throughout time.

Which will it be?

Bridgeman Over Troubled Waters


Looking back, I seem to come into many people’s lives at a time when they’re ready for a big change. My influence has an impact (either positive or negative) which catalyses these changes in them, and then soon after the change is in motion, our paths diverge. I’m used to it now, and have come to accept the part I play in helping them get from where they are to where they’re (maybe unconsciously) trying to be (even when I’m left looking like the bad guy). Many friends have come and gone on to the next place in their journey. Few have stayed, and journeyed by my side.

This influence goes both ways. I have also grown from my time with some of these people (maybe even all of them).

I kinda feel like The Littlest Hobo. Ever get that?

The Road to Nowhere

ImageTrying to decide what to do with the rest of my life. Tried Marriage and a job as a Magazine Editor. Neither worked out, so I’m starting again.

Think I’d like to become a Life Coach. It’s something I do naturally for friends and acquaintances, and seems to fit my name (Bridgeman), helping people to get from where they are to where they would like to be.

I had been trying to find a job that really meant something in the grand scheme of things. From my experience and understanding of The Meaning of Life, I know that everything is valid, but I wanted to find something that supported the spiritual journey of human beings in a proactive way.

To get there, I’ll need money to do a course, and a job that pays enough so I can save as well as pay for the things of life: rent, food, travel, etc. I may have to work at a job I don’t particularly love in the interim, but such short term actions for the sake of long-term goals is a commitment I’m willing to make. This ability to forego short term gratification for the sake of long-term bliss is a good skill to have if you have a dream you’d like to turn into a reality. Just don’t get stuck in the interim job. Stay focused and keep taking steps towards your goals. As I’ve said before, even baby steps in the right direction are steps in the right direction. 🙂

Are you living the life you really want to live?

Try This Naked

Try This Naked

The next time you see yourself naked (maybe after a nice hot bath or shower), look at your body (in a full length mirror if possible) and realise: “This is actually what the ideal human form is supposed to look like, proportions and all. Fancy that! What I used to believe (and what so many still mistakenly believe) about how the perfect human body might look is incorrect; and here I am, the perfect specimen. God’s (soon-to-be-recognised) gift. No work needs to be done. No changes need to be made. Simply perfect.” 🙂

I know no better remedy for a negative self-image than this. 😉

Inner Wisdom

Inner WisdomBefore making any decision, tune in to your intuition, your gut feeling, your inner knowing, NOT your intellect.

Practice makes possible, so practice listening inwardly for a feeling that is beyond thought. This will get easier and easier to notice the more you practice. I know this from experience as I’ve been practising for years, and whenever I ignore that now easily accessible feeling, my decision inevitably turns out to be the wrong one. How many time have you said to yourself, “I should have listened to my gut feeling.”?

If you find yourself in a sticky life situation, don’t try to think your way out of it, simply tune in to what feels most right for you and your needs. This will, in turn, be what’s best for all involved, regardless of how they might react or what might happen as a result. Your intuition is connected to the supreme universal intelligence which knows infinitely more than your mind could ever consider.

The best decision is literally a no-brainer. 🙂

And this doesn’t mean simply reacting without thinking. Reacting is linked with your conditioning, either physical or mental, which can come in handy and even be life-saving at times; but reacting is not intuition. Intuition is something that can be acted upon or not, depending on what feels like the right decision.

Try it and see. It’s how I’m planning to live the rest of my life – Intuition and Love. 🙂

Now That I’m Older

ElephantsMost (if not all) people experience an event in their childhood that feels traumatic. This may be something that the adults around them don’t see as a big deal and may not even notice, but for the child, with their fragile mind, it impacts very deeply and will stay with them all the way into adulthood. This event conditions the child’s beliefs in the same way that a elephant can be conditioned to believe that a rope tied to a wooden stake in the ground is stronger than they are. This is true while the elephant is only an infant, but the conditioning is so strong that even when the elephant grows big enough to pull the rope and stake out of the ground with ease, it doesn’t believe that it can, and so doesn’t even attempt it.

This is an important point and one that you can use to overcome old conditioning and heal past hurts. The trick I suggest is to allow an event that was traumatic for you as a child to come to mind, then look at it with the eyes of an adult. Imagine your adult self in that situation and allow all of your life experience and wisdom to come into play as you mentally re-enact the scenario. You will quickly see that you are much more capable of protecting and expressing yourself now than when you were a child, and you can easily bring the situation to a new conclusion. This will be very comforting to your inner child and will help to heal that old wound and change the rest of your life for the better.

I wish you all the love and light you need for this.

Gratitude is the Key

Gratitude is the Key

Some people believe the events in their life are out of their control, and others believe they have the power to manifest their wildest dreams. Whatever you believe, here is something that will benefit you. Whether you are working with the Law of Attraction or working on non-attachment, one of the main keys for a fulfilling life is an attitude of gratitude. 🙂

Whether you are consciously trying to change the course of your life or consciously giving up the need for control, gratitude will help:

  • In terms of the Law of Attraction, writing out a gratitude list and really feeling the emotions of appreciation sends a powerful energetic signal out into the field of pure potentiality, which in turn attracts “like” energies – experiences that promote more feelings of gratitude to match those you’re already radiating.
  • In terms of giving up the need to control your life and simply living in the now, accepting things as they are, gratitude is the difference between enjoying the play of Life and wishing there was an interval. Acceptance itself brings about a level of gratitude, but it can also be cultivated consciously.

So, whatever way you choose to interact with Life, ask yourself often: “What is good about Now?” 🙂


This Meditation Could Change Your Life

Being aware of the body, you are not the body. Being aware of thoughts, you are not thought. Being aware of feelings, you are not feelings. Being aware of movement, you are not movement. You are not what comes and goes. What are you?

Notice that your breath moves without your help. Notice that your senses operate without any effort from you. Notice that thoughts arise of their own accord, either through conditioning or inspiration. Notice that feelings arise effortlessly, as a result of thought or spontaneously without thought.  Notice that actions arise as a result of either your thoughts or absent-mindedly. Notice that perception simply occurs. There is no effort needed at all. Simply be.

The meditation in this video could change your life if you get what is being pointed to. Don’t try too hard to get it, simply allow it to get you; and don’t worry if it doesn’t happen first time. It will.


What Integrity Feels Like

ImageAs I wrote about in Mirror Mirror of Us All, my desire used to be stronger than my integrity and it made me choose things that were not what was best for me or the situation at large. I’m not talking about trying to be nice or good. I’m talking about intuitive decisions and inspired actions.

Sometimes a desire to gain approval from others (a kiss, a smile, a promotion, etc.) drags you away from what’s best or right for all involved. What’s right for each person is as individual as each person, so the advice I give is to learn what feels aligned with your deeper self at the core of your being. Alignment with this is what integrity feels like. There is a flow of energy that is worth following, and if you become still enough, you can feel when you’re going with the flow and when you’re fighting the current.

It doesn’t matter what others say, and it doesn’t matter what your intellect says, listen to your inner knowing, and honour it. That is what works best for me; what leaves me feeling: “No matter what happens, I did what was best, and I can rest easy in the knowing of that.”

That might be saying yes to an offer or opportunity. That may be saying no to a relationship or friendship. The main thing to remember is that your own feeling of integrity is far more satisfying than any outside approval we may crave.

Hopefully this helps you as much as it is helping me. 😉

Mirror Mirror of Us All


(or How to Attract a New Romantic Relationship – Part 3) 

So, if after making your lists and feeling your feelings, you’re still not attracting the things you set out to manifest, it’s time to look more closely at the SIGNALS you’re really sending out into the Universe.

One way of doing this is to look at what has manifested in your life. Let’s take romantic relationships as an example. Is there a pattern in the people you attract? They may all be physically different, but all share one quality that is the bane of your life (e.g. infidelity). What is this? Why do you keep attracting the same thing in different guises? Is it a reflection of your own character or a reflection of one of your parents maybe? Do you have those same qualities? Or do you feel unworthy of attracting something better?

For me, my desire used to be stronger than my integrity, and I see that both manifested and reflected in my last few failed romances.

If you want to change what you are attracting, you need to change your relationship with your self. Have a look at the qualities you’re attracting and very honestly look at how they are a part of you. Awareness is half the battle.

Once realised, you can create a new pattern of action and reaction that is more aligned with the positive qualities you wish to attract. Be the change you wish to see in the world. It all begins in you.

What orders have you been placing in the cosmic catalogue? And what do you need to do differently in order to manifest a better life for all involved?

How to Attract THE RIGHT Romantic Relationship


(or How to Attract a New Romantic Relationship – Part 2)

Putting into practice what I wrote about in How to Attract a New Romantic Relationship, I almost instantly attracted a wonderful new romantic relationship into my life. However, a few days after meeting her, convinced that it was progressing incredibly well, I found out she had a boyfriend – a fact I was really surprised she hadn’t mentioned previously.

It made me realise something was missing from my Manifestation Practice… DETAILS.

Now, I know that it can be unwise to get caught up in details when working with The Law of Attraction because it closes off doors and hence opportunities for experience and manifestation. However, some details are worth mentioning. For example: I would like to attract a partner who is AVAILABLE to have a romantic relationship with me.

So, add this following practice to the rest of the How to Attract a New Romantic Relationship practices and the Universe should get the right message this time.

LIST IMPORTANT QUALITIES (such as being available):

  • Write out a list of your past romantic partners.
  • Beside their names, write out a list of the qualities you liked about them, such as playful, sexy, intelligent, faithful, gorgeous, etc.
  • You can also add people you’ve been attracted to, even if the attraction wasn’t reciprocated, as long as you can generate the positive feelings you felt for them then in this moment now.
  • As you do this, you’ll start to form an emotionally-charged image of your ideal romantic partner. This is a very powerful magnet, so the next two steps are very important.
  • Thinking about the qualities your past partners lacked (in your eyes/for your needs), add those important qualities to your list. A way to help you think of these extra qualities is to think of the negative qualities your past partners had, figure out what the opposite of each of those qualities is, and write these positive qualities on your list (e.g. the opposite of stingy is generous).
  • Okay, so now that you’ve been specific (hopefully NOT TOO SPECIFIC, such as 6’1″ with mousy brown hair), you can spend a little time enjoying the feeling that you’ll get when this perfect partner comes into your life… once you’ve made space for them, of course (see Part 1). Then, let go and enjoy what is.

That’s it. This practice is an addition to the other practices listed in How to Attract a New Romantic Relationship, so use them all, and drop me a line once you’ve settled into your new romantic relationship. I’d love to read lots of success stories. 😉

p.s. If you want to feel better about yourself before you feel you can allow a perfect partner in, try the practice listed in You Are The One You’ve Been Waiting For.

The Power to Change


I believe that people who are generally sad or angry, worried or disappointed, are people who don’t take full responsibility for their emotions, thoughts and circumstances. We are not victims. We are creators.

It may be your diet. It may be your environment. It may be the company you keep or the lack of exercise you do or the little time in nature you spend. It may be focusing too much on negative news stories. Taking medication with detrimental side effects. It may be not admiting what’s really causing your problems.

It may be that you’re too identified with the way things are to have the courage to change. Whatever the reason, you are in charge of where it goes from here.

Stop justifying why it’s too hard or won’t work; how it needs to be this way, and that’s just the way it is. You’re not a victim. You’re not a child. You and everyone you know have the power to change yourself and your circumstances for the better.

Take even one step in that direction and you’ll see how it’s possible. Build your belief and strengthen your conviction, and watch your life become a joy to live.

Fine Tune your Well-being!


Apart from when we are in the deep sleep state, we are constantly being bombarded by stimuli that affect our physical, emotional and mental well-being. These stimuli come in the form of food, drink, air, sounds, smells, tastes, touch, ideas, conversations, physical activity, mental activity, whatever we are focusing on or subjected to. With that in mind, it makes sense that you would become quite picky with what you invite in, so I’ve come up with a little tool to help you decide.

Look at the following list, and decide whether you should include more or less of each of these in your daily life. And remember, there are no right answers, only what works best for you:

  • Nature
  • Surfing the Internet
  • Socialising with Friends
  • Time to Yourself
  • Family
  • Meeting new People
  • Exercise
  • Rest
  • Work
  • Play
  • Music
  • Silence
  • Movies
  • Art
  • Dancing
  • Reading
  • Intellectual Stimulation
  • Meditation
  • Looking at Advertisements
  • How To… Videos
  • Game Shows
  • Documentaries
  • Bad News
  • Good News
  • Fast Food
  • Organic Food
  • Meat
  • Vegetables
  • Sugar
  • Fruit
  • Dairy
  • Nuts
  • Caffeine
  • Water
  • Sunlight
  • Star Gazing
  • Resistance
  • Acceptance
  • Fear
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Gratitude

This list could go on and on. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section, and do take the time to ponder each entry. It’s an investment in your well-being that is well worth making.

Wishing you health and happiness 🙂

How to Attract a New Romantic Relationship


Take a look at your life as it is now and ask yourself: “Is there room in my world as it is for a new romantic relationship?” You may be so used to living a single life that you haven’t left any room in your routine or your home for a new relationship to blossom. What kind of a signal do you think that’s sending out into the universe? You’ve got to remember the Law of Attraction and…


  • Look at your home as if your new romantic partner were coming over to spend the evening with you. Do you have the necessary household items to entertain a guest? Make sure you have enough cutlery & crockery, food & drink, toiletries & towels, music & movies, cushions & blankets, incense & candles, etc. If you have a fire place, make sure you have fuel. If you have a double bed, is it clean, tidy and welcoming? If you don’t have a double bed, why not? Are you living in a place that allows guests? If not, why not? Basically, make an effort. Make adjustments until you can look around your home and feel happy to have guests over, whatever that means for you.


  •  Allow yourself to imagine what it would be like to have the man/woman of your dreams right there with you where you are now, smiling at you, cuddling you, laughing with you, whatever you like. Let the joy of that situation well up in you and shine out into the universe. Let it act as a powerful magnet that can only attract the most fitting circumstances to match those emotions (see Part 2). Do this as often as you like and the Law of Attraction will get a very clear message from you.


  • A great way to meet someone you’ll like (and who’ll like you) is by doing more of the activities that you love, because if you meet someone there, you already have something you enjoy in common; and that’s great place to start.


  • Expanding upon that last point, if the only activities you do besides work are things you do on your own (e.g. reading books, gardening, etc.), try to find groups in which you can share that interest (e.g. Book Clubs, community allotments). You could register with a website like MeetUp.com and join groups that interest you. There are loads of people out there in the same boat, who are more than happy to meet up and go to the cinema or the theatre or a gig or whatever.


  • If it has been a while since you’ve had a romantic relationship, you may begin to fixate on the fact that you’re unintentionally single. Like the excitement at imagining your new partner being here now, fixating on being single also sends out a powerful magnetic message to the universe that will attract the most harmonious circumstances for you: namely, you won’t have access to a partner because your mind is set on not having one. Relax and Enjoy what is here now, knowing that the right person is getting ready for you just as you are getting ready for them, and they will be here as soon as you’re both ready.

Have fun. You’re lovely, and they’re on their way. 🙂

3 Ways to Discover your True Self


Here are some very effective tools for connecting in with your True Self in any moment of now. Practice them whenever. Find what works best for you.

  1. Perceive Without Resistance: Release any tension around your eyes, ears, jaw, lungs and body in general. Allow any sights, sounds and sensations to enter and pass through your awareness without any resistance. Don’t try to focus on anything in particular, or shut anything out, just let yourself be still and silent in the space that is here; unless there is a natural impulse to move your head or body in a certain way. Then, allow that too. Let your breath move in and out or pause without any effort to control it. Become gently aware of whatever you find yourself focusing on, both inside and outside of your body. Don’t analyse it, just observe it. Do this for as long as you can. If you’re doing it correctly, it will be effortless, and you will be much more open to the intuitively inspired actions that synchronicities are made of.
  2. Is It Still Now?: Step 1. Take a moment to become still, silent and spacious, and acknowledge that it is Now. Observe the quality of this Nowness – not the form this moment takes, but the sense of it being Now. Become so familiar with it that you would definitely recognise it if you found yourself here again. Step 2. Every so often, as you go about your day, become still, silent and spacious, and (tuning into the quality of the Nowness) ask yourself: Is it still Now? (Does this new moment with its new forms contain the same Now?) You may be surprised by what you find the more time seems to pass.
  3. I Am: Taking 3 conscious breaths and settling into the still, silent space of Now, notice the Beingness of you that is beyond the changing forms of your body and thoughts. Say to yourself: “I am.” Say it as many times as you like, as often as you like. This statement is complete and whole in and of itself – like your True Self. There is no need for “I am this,” or “I am that.” These things are temporary, like your body and thoughts. Settle in the eternal “I am,” and simply be… 🙂

Open the Door to Happiness

Door to Happiness

Happiness never leaves you, but sometimes, for some reason, you close the door to it. And then sometimes, you struggle to find the door handle to open up to happiness again.

The key is a shift in your perception. Look at the situation differently until you see it in a way that reveals the door to not only be open, but not there at all.  🙂

An INspired Life!


How much of your life is an unconscious routine? Are you just doing out of habit while your mind wanders off, leaving YOU and the moment behind?

If you listen to the still silence within you and every moment, you will receive guidance from a deeper, wiser aspect of your self. INsights into the best possible use of this moment. INspired actions that you can take that will lead you to serendipity after serendipity in the wonderful FLOW of Life’s Divine Orchestration. 🙂

“Just show up with your heart open and see what happens.” ~ Mooji

Can you trust that much?

The Truth is…


The Truth is that I am.

And by that, I mean, We Are.

But We Are One

Who is not a Form,

Does not have a Name,

Cannot be Observed,

But IS.

All of THIS that you can Perceive

is a Creation of your Imagination,

our Imagination,

my Imagination,


You don’t change,

your character does,

your relationships do,

Your environment CHANGES,

but YOU don’t.

What are you?

What You Are, I AM.

Live the Life in Your Moment


The phrase “Live every moment as if it were your last” speaks to me more about Aliveness than Mortality.

If these were my last moments, I would drink them in completely, absorbing every last drop of juice they had to offer. I would want to make the absolute best of every interaction available to me, every sensation, every experience.

Being in a state of absolute awareness like that is the closest you can get to being God in a human body, and the ultimate reason life exists the way it does.




Do you believe you are being (and will continue to be) looked after by your higher self and other helpers enough to follow your intuition completely?

Do you believe they know best, and will guide you along an exquisitely orchestrated path to complete fulfillment (if you but listen and follow)?

Do you trust them enough to stop making plans and start simply being, taking only inspired actions?

Do you trust them with your life?


Pain Without Suffering


Let’s look at the phrase “I am in pain.”

• I am in pain.
• I can be found within pain.
• In order for me to exist, pain must exist.
• Without pain, I will not exist.

This belief, this identification with form (in this case Pain), causes and prolongs suffering. The ego wants to exist more than it wants to be happy, and it can only exist when you identify with form (which is transient), a completely unstable foundation for your identity to be built upon; which is why the ego uses identification with thought forms to keep you from being fully aware of the present moment, the moment of Now in which suffering does not exist. In the Now, there is only the awareness of being.

The ego uses thoughts like:
“Remember you’re in pain.”
“Even if you feel free of pain now, you’ll probably be in pain again any minute.”
“Think of all those things you probably won’t be able to do because you’ll be in pain.”

It’s all a trick of the mind. The ego only exists when you’re thinking, but you can exist without thinking (as pure awareness), and pain can be experienced without suffering (with pure awareness).

Rather than identifying yourself as “I am this.” or “I am that.” Identify yourself with the absolute awareness of pure being, “I am.” That is the only unchanging state, and it is one of peace and love and contentment. That is your true self.

Try it right now and see what happens. Let go of your attachment to every identification other than “I am.”

Deep Sleep Disidentification


I think I know why sleep is a part of the process of life (on the level of pure being), because deep sleep gives you an opportunity to disidentify from the story of you, which is a state closer to your true self than any identification could bring. It provides a break from the stream of duality.

The main difference between that state and the state of your true self is awareness.

I have Mooji to thank for the insight.

Owning Your Emotions

Owning Your EmotionsI learned a beautiful lesson today about owning my emotions. It came to me (finally) just in time to stop me from hurling my love at another person in the hope that they would catch it and throw it back to me, and not let it hit the ground and smash into a million pieces. I stopped the launch moments before the countdown reached zero, and recognised the joy of simply holding that love inside myself, where it already was, where I hoped it would return every time I threw it out, threw it at another person, shouting: “Catch!” And if they did: “Now throw it back to me, but dress it up as You.”

It is something my Tantra Teacher had suggested I do quite a while ago; but it took this long for that good idea to percolate fully in my consciousness before arising spontaneously as this exquisite experience. I held that love. I allowed it to simply be, and I recognised it as my own, or, more accurately, as my own connection to the limitless love we all have access to, the love that holds us all in its fertile embrace. I didn’t need reciprocation. I didn’t need to put my happiness in the hands of another (which is a trick you play on yourself anyway). Love was in me and it overflowed. There was enough to share and I was happy and secure in my sharing.

I highly recommend it, and I am writing this down as much to remind myself to “Keep doing that!” as to share the lesson with you and anyone you’d like to share it with. Love doesn’t need to be traded, but it can definitely be shared when your own container overflows.

And the same lesson can be applied to other emotions like sadness, anger, fear, etc. Abort the launch and allow them to simply be. Recognise the connection you are making and then decide if you’d like to increase or decrease that connection (by chosing what to focus on).

There are so many layers to our being and experience, and I have written from the point of view of more than one of them in order to help you to journey with me. I hope it helps. Feel free to share your own experiences with this kind of thing in the comments section below.

Lots of Love, Patrick.

Meditation – Full Circle

meditationWhen you MEDITATE, you can more easily tune in to your INTUITION.
When you listen to your intuition, you can more easily line up with SERENDIPITY.
When you TRUST and HONOUR serendipity, you can more easily RECOGNISE and RECEIVE the gifts that the Universe is presenting to you.
When you recognise and receive the gifts the Universe is presenting to you, you develop a heightened sense of APPRECIATION and feeling of SUPPORT.
Feeling this appreciation and support, you can more easily practice NON-ATTACHMENT.
When you practice non-attachment, your INTENTIONS are free to MANIFEST in the most amazing ways the Universe can orchestrate.
And a great time to launch your intentions is when you MEDITATE; which brings us full circle.